> --- Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > - Installing Packages is nice & easy & straight forward from the
> > docs(should be more of these!)
> > > - Installing ports/packages via ftp/net - Forget it!!
> > > I have barely got BSD running, the last thing I want is connecting a BSD 
> > > box to my broadband
> > > connection ?? Does BSD have a default firewall ?? Don't know, having 
> > > trouble installing stuff let
> > > alone configuring a firewall via scripts/files
> > 
> > You are probably better off and more secure with an initial install, with
> > no additional work or tweaking, of FreeBSD on the net than you would be
> > with a MS system with every know "fix" available.   The system is 
> > inherently more secure and in addition - and maybe partially because of
> > this - fewer, by far,  attempts at cracking FreeBSD are made than are
> > made against MS systems.  Some of this is, of course, because there are
> > much fewer FreeBSD systems out there to tempt kiddies.  But, the fact
> > that cracking FreeBSD is more difficult contributes to this effect.
> So if I do a default install of FreeBSD & then connect to the net for
> ports/packages, is there a default firewall running in the background ??

There is one there, but you have to turn it on.  Actually, there are
two of them there.   By the way, firewalls are useful tools, but
they are not the be-all&end-all, last word in security.
> > 
> > > Then its going step by step with the install guides & when I try to install
> > MySQL, I type #
> > > groupadd mysql & I get "command not found" ... ??? no idea, I am following
> > the install guides...
> > > now if I am doing the same as everyone else with a fresh install of BSD,
> > why is it no one else
> > > gets groupadd mysql "command not found" ??
> > 
> > What does "commmand not found" sound like it means?
> > The shell doesn't know how to find the command you typed in.
> > Either you didn't update your search path to include the directory
> > it is in or it didn't get installed correctly where it should be.
> > Probably the first is true.  So, find out where it should be and
> > add that directory to the path.   See man path.
> thnx, will check out the path.

Also, note the comment by whoever it was that said that groupadd is not
the right thing to run for FreeBSD installations according to the docs.
I haven't worked on that so don't personally know.

> > Again, you are much safer on the net with a FreeBSD system.
> > Just do it.   I do all my installs over the net.
> > Do use appropriate precautions such as ssh instead of telnet and ssl
> > protected sites where possible and check md5-s of downloaded files.
> > But, don't let it stop you from using it with FreeBSD.
> Do you install FreeBSD first & connect to the net for ports/packages, or
> install the actual FreeBSD OS from the /stand/sysinstall & select the net ??

I download the mini-iso (miniinst) CD and install everything, OS, 
source, ports over the net.

> > It sounds a lot like you may have some processes wanting to check
> > themselves via the net upon startup that are holding things up
> > during boot.   They will each wait until they time out before
> > things move on.   I have several dual-boot machines, WinXP/FreeBSD,
> > Win2k/FreeBSd and Win95/FreeBSD and they all boot in about the same
> > amount of time with the FreeBSD being maybe a mite faster to get to
> > my login than the MS stuff being able to get to a state where I can
> > actually do something - eg not just getting the spash screen or background
> > displayed.   So, either plug in the net or disable those utilities that
> > want to talk and try things again.
> My bootup is fine, its the BSD+wmaker running & opening nedit & a cmd prompts
> that are slower than Windows 2000 ?? any suggestions as to why ??

Don't know about that.  I have never used nedit.  But, the editors I
use pop up instantly - even when I am editing over the net.


> Kind regards,
> DK
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