I just need to set the record straight on this automount issue you keep
ranting about...

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 10:53:30PM -0700, DK typed:


> > > Whats the purpose of having to manually set the system to automount ??
> > > as opposed to having it as a system install default ?? if there is an
> > > advantage, I am sure its for the 0.01% of the user base
> > 
> > It's more in the range of 99.9%.  Automounting can be annoying like hell
> > when you happen to accidentally insert media in your drives.  It can
> > also be insecure if you don't want anyone to use the machine you've
> > installed to mount CD-ROMs, floppies or other media of their choise.
> Accidently ?? what ?? Like you were walking down a hall way, tripped & slipped
> & accidenlty shoved a CD into the drive :))

No, more like you put a cd with sensitive data on it in the wrong tray
of your 40+ identical rackmounted servers, exposing it to the wrong users
on the wrong server.

> I can put a CD into Windows 2000 & it has never been accessed unless I
> explicitly do it. - I don't see the problem ??

You keep on measuring FreeBSD by MS Windows standards. Wrong. FreeBSD (and
Unixlike OSses in general) are designed to be truly *multi-user* operating
systems and their default settings will reflect that. Especially FreeBSD,
which still is mostly used as a server OS, servicing many users.

> - as for automounting, I think you are confusing this with AutoRUN for CD's
> AFAIK - you cannot disable automounting of Floppys/CD in Windows 2000

And they call this a server platform? What a joke!

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