Hello list!!

I'd like to know if there's a software to stream audio to a ShoutCast 
server... I tried  on linux the shoutcast dj, but is too simple and just 
plays a list of mp3... I need to transmit a radio program and require to send 
voice, music and/or both if necesary...

Found a *nix library libshout2 (don't remember the name right now) but has no 
full documentation and examples are too poor to develop my own simple 

If somebody knows of a mp3/ogg streamer to a shoutcast server I'd appreciate 
if you tell me, am experiencing some problems with transmision from inside of 
my LAN with windows through the firewall (stream passes fine but with 
drop-outs)... so I need to transmit directly from the *nix server...

Thanks for any comment...

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