On Saturday 31 July 2004 06:49 am, Louis LeBlanc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Hey all.  I'm finishing up my RELENG_5_2 box, hoping to swap it in
> tomorrow, and I'm a little confused.
> Mozilla 1.7 seems to build just fine in 4.10, but claims to be broken
> in 5.2.  It seems to have a problem with Calendar support.
> While poking through the ports directory, I noticed that there are 2
> index files (INDEX and INDEX-5).  Now I haven't really researched this
> yet, so feel free to point out the FM if that's discussed somewhere.
> My question though, is whether anyone has managed to get Mozilla
> building without hacking up the Makefile (which still only gives the
> Mozilla browser, nothing else).

I'm running 5.2.1 and built Mozilla 1.7.1 very recently. It built and works 
fine, and I didn't mess with the Makefile, but I don't use the calendar in 

- jt
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