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In 5.x versions the whole kernel boot process was replaced with


method and the auto rename of the kernel no longer happens on a
recompile and there is no kernel.generic module available.

What are you talking about? I did a cvsup/make kernel process just
week ago on a 5.1 machine, and the 5.2 kernel refused to work with
network card. Lucky for me, kernel.old was in the boot directory,
I was able to move it back over kernel.

Yes, the process and everything is different, but the basic fallback
device is still there.

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> You used the upgrade in place from source so the old kernel release
> version was left over by error. Try doing an separate stand alone
> kernel recompile and the kernel.old is not created.  This problem is
> more visible for people who install 5.x from scratch.
> Or maybe this is a difference between using the new buildkernal
> process over the older kernel compile process.
> All I know for sure is I installed 5.2.1 from miniistall.iso install
> CD and used the older kernel compile process to build a custom
> kernel and the kernel.old module was not created and the
> kernel.generic module was never there.
> So what I am saying is you may be trying to run the kernel.old
> module from 5.1 and not the one you think you built from 5.2.1.

Out of interest I just checked three 5.2.1 machines all of which were installed as 5.x and the most recent installed as 5.2.1 a week or so ago, then cvsup'd and buildworld/kernel'd just once.

All have kernel.old


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