I recently posted the following message to MySQL discussion list. The
response there, and the one I keep finding on Google, is that this is a
long-standing issue betweeen FreeBSD and MySQL. For me this has been
happening since FreeBSD 4.4.

I have one site where we are going to have to move to Linux. I would much
prefer keeping us on FreeBSD, but we just can't afford the downtime anymore.
Another site is looking at moving to PostgreSQL on FreeBSD.

Any help on this? Googling shows a long history of people having these
problems but no solutions. Please don't give me a URL to a Google showing
others having this problem--I've seen that and more. I want to know if there
is a solution. Any help is appreciated!


I have several MySQL and FreeBSD installs across a few different sites, and
I consistently have problems with mysqld. It will begin to eat up all of the
CPU and eventually become unresponsive (or the machine will just burn). I
can't seem to manually reproduce this, but given enough time a FreeBSD box
with mysqld will go down.

Our servers are generally heavily loaded.

I would say that I'm doing something wrong (although what I could be doing
wrong I'm not sure), but I recently began working with another company that
has the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. They are even thinking of moving to PostgreSQL,
but we are trying to fix mysqld instead for now.

This behavior has been seen on:

FreeBSD 4.4, 4.7, 4.9, 4.10
MySQL 3.x and 4.x
Typical load: 50 qps
With and without replication enabled.
Some sites are SELECT heavy, some are INSERT heavy.

For one site I think we will be moving from FreeBSD to Linux for the MySQL
servers since MySQL seems to run like a champ on Linux. We will continue to
use FreeBSD for everything else.

Anyone experienced this problem? Is it mysqld or FreeBSD? I can't pinpoint
the exact issue.

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