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I am very new to BSD and web servers and have just recently installed the latest 5.2 
version. I have installed Apache 1.3 from the FreeBSD ftp site and have added mod_dav 
successfully.  The web server and webDAV are working fine. I now want to add php4 and 
mySQL capabilities. I have read some of the latest mail and am confused as to how to 
best go about it.  I have never used php or mySQL before nor have I had it installed 
on a web server. What packages and in what sequence , if any, should I install ?  
Also,  what does the number 20020429 at the end (/usr/local/lib/php/20020429 )  
signify?  Thanks in advance for your help!

Bob Kukla

I've no experience with mod_dav (in fact I just got done looking it up at google), so I can't say whether it will be affected, or not (I would suspect not, I tend to be an optimist....) but:

[Read the lower section about MySQL before you
do any installation ...]

I generally just go to /usr/ports/lang/php4 and type
"make install clean" as root.  This gets me mod_php4,
the PHP CLI, it even builds a CGI you can move to your
cgi dir if you desire/need to.  If it's your first time, then
expect to go through a ncurses-based dialog (remember
sysinstall?) where you will choose PHP extensions to be

After that, it's a matter of the appropriate modifications
to httpd.conf.  I'd sure recommend that you cruise over
to and check out their documentation: it's
well done, and they've some install "cheat sheets" for almost
every variety of OS/webserver on the planet (well, many of them,
like I said, I'm optimistic...)

MySQL is similar.  IIRC, it may be best to get MySQL going

Like I said, the docs at are good.  I also like the
boards at for PHP help and community....


Kevin Kinsey
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