On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, DK wrote:
I edited rc.conf & added the line: amd_enable="YES"
However, my devices(Floppy & CDROM) are not automounting after logging in or
starting X  ???

In the process view of BSD, I have amd as waiting

Trying to understand man amd isn't helping. Any ideas ???

I currently automount 2 CD's, my floppy drive, a Zip drive, and an nfs export from another system, so I think I've got the basics figured out.
However, I use amd on a 4.9 system. I think it's generally the same on 5.x, but there may be differences.

Anyway, with that caveat, the best current resource that I know of for setting up automounting is


There are a few more steps than just adding the rc.conf line. You have to tell amd what filesystems / devices to mount, and where to mount them to.
These details go in the /etc/amd.conf and /etc/amd.map files, which you'll have to configure - see the amd.conf manpage for details on the former, and the URL above for details on the latter.

(Note that while the instructions at this URL work, they can in fact be improved upon with some experimentation.)

For more background on automounting with amd, these sites have been useful to me:



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