Bill Moran wrote:
I'm getting lost in Suns marketing-oriented webpages, and I can't seem
to find the information I need.

I'm going to start doing Java development, and I'm trying to make sure
that all my legal ducks are in a row.  Can someone point me to a
document that explains what's up with Java licensing.  I mean, if I
install jdk14 to develop java apps, can I resell those apps?  There was
a warning that said something about not redistributing binaries, but
it's too vague to tell me whether that means bytecode genereated by
the java compiler, or binaries that would result from me tweaking the
jdk itself.

I'm looking for a little clarification!


not sure of a specific url that answers your questions.

However having been a java developer for a while you can redistribute your app anyway you'd like, however you cannot redistribute SUN's JRE/JDK without their premission.

Only apps i've seen that redistribute JRE/JDK are IDE's ...


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