Bill Moran wrote:
I'm going to start doing Java development, and I'm trying to make sure
that all my legal ducks are in a row.  Can someone point me to a
document that explains what's up with Java licensing.

There are two licenses you care about, the one with the Java 1.4 SDK, which says:

B. Redistribution. This Agreement does not grant you the right to redistribute Software. Please refer to the following URL for information regarding the redistribution of Software if you are interested in redistribution: other words, Sun would like to sell you a license to run the software in production. However, you don't have to do that if you don't want to, as the other license for the Java Runtime Environment, at: freely available, and is what your end-users will need to accept in order to run your programs.

I mean, if I install jdk14 to develop java apps, can I resell those apps?

Sure, you own the software you write-- obviously providing you don't include any of Sun's code with your software, indemnify Sun against all evil, etc etc.

There was a warning that said something about not redistributing binaries,
but it's too vague to tell me whether that means bytecode genereated by the
java compiler, or binaries that would result from me tweaking the jdk

That's correct. You're not supposed to tweak the JRE itself, nor write software which changes things like how the java.* and com.sun.* packages work.

[ No, Virginia, Java is not OSI open source. :-)]

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