On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 10:08:32PM -0500, adp wrote:
> I recently posted the following message to MySQL discussion list. The
> response there, and the one I keep finding on Google, is that this is a
> long-standing issue betweeen FreeBSD and MySQL. For me this has been
> happening since FreeBSD 4.4.
> I have one site where we are going to have to move to Linux. I would much
> prefer keeping us on FreeBSD, but we just can't afford the downtime anymore.
> Another site is looking at moving to PostgreSQL on FreeBSD.

That's too bad.  MySQL can run quite well on FreeBSD.

> I have several MySQL and FreeBSD installs across a few different sites, and
> I consistently have problems with mysqld. It will begin to eat up all of the
> CPU and eventually become unresponsive (or the machine will just burn). I
> can't seem to manually reproduce this, but given enough time a FreeBSD box
> with mysqld will go down.

Yes, it's FreeBSD's broken DNS libraries.  Add skip-name-resolve to
your my.cnf and the problem will probably go away.

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