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>sylvia bowman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Thanks for answering my email.  Believe me this is
>not a joke.  It's
>> driving me crazy.  My tv is hooked up to Cox Cable
>in Las Vegas, NV.
>> The channel I'm receiving the message on is CBS. 
>The address looks
>> something like this: 
>What makes you think this address has anything to do
>with FreeBSD?
>> I've received other addressess also, but you are
>the first ones kind
>> enough to answer me.  It begins with a solid black 


>> start up again.  I've tried to tape it because
>everybody else is asleep
>> and no one believes me, but it won't tape.  When I
>play the tape back I
>> just get a blurry screen.



What you have there is an ingress problem. The
question is what's causing it. It may be due to signal
leakage in the actual cable. If so, your neighbors
should see the same thing at the same time you do. Ask
them. Either way, Cox needs to test the coax from your
set top box all the way to the optical node. Have
someone come out with a strength meter. It may be a
noisy tap, and they won't find that testing from the
The fact you can't tape it, though, is interesting and
suggests that the signal isn't coming through the
cable. Perhaps someone within wireless range is doing
something that they ought to be doing better, and your
tuner is picking it up. That would be an FCC problem.



PS. BTW, why _do_ you think
"<http://>[n:][e:2000101][8A41]" is related to

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