For a HP Compaq Proliant DL360 I'm looking for the SNMP-MIBs that
cover the following items:

o) Disk-IO
o) Disk-usage (capacity used)
o) Memory usage
o) Compaq/HP Smartarray (Compaq Smart Array 5i), esp. disk failure etc.
o) CPU Usage (two Xeons running SMP (hyperthreading to 4 virtual CPUs)
o) Network-IO

Does anybody know where I can get hold of the respective MIBs? 

Somewhat related to the above question: Is it possible to make the
respective MIB variables available via net-snmp in order to either
poll them (snmp read) or send traps when reaching certain thresholds?
I esp. thought about sending traps when e.g. the smartarray reports a
problem, disks become full etc.

TIA for your help,

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