Hello list, 

FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE, using ripit.pl (audio/ripit) with lame and dagrab.

I've got a (quite simple?) question which keeps me up at nights (not
really :-). 

How do you rip those audio CDs that are "enhanced"? That's the CDs 
that have such fancy "multimedia" features you can use when you put 
the CD in a CD-ROM drive (under Windows of course), eg play some 
low-quality music video or navigate around some menus. I am of course
not interested in any of those features, just want to make some MP3s
from that CD so I can put them on my MP3 player.

Here's the problem I have with every CD of that kind: I can rip every 
audio track except the last one, that is the track that comes before 
the data track on the CD, eg:

Track 01: audio 
Track 09: audio 
Track 10: data 

An example of such a CD is the "Rock in Rio" album by Iron Maiden.

Ripping track 09 from the CD fails, no matter what ripper I use
(dagrab, dd, cdparanoia, cdda2wav). Unfortunately I can't reproduce any
error messages at the moment, but maybe someone knows what I mean? It
basically stops reading after about 90% of the track and exists with an
error message. Note: ripping and encoding normal CDs works like a
charme, from the first to the last track.

Using a Windows machine to rip an "enhanced" CD works of course, but 
I should be really surprised if such a task was impossible under

Does anybody have an idea? I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.
Andreas "daff" Ntaflos | "A cynic is a man who knows the price of
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