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> > if you haven't already tried it, visit sf.net and plug 'chess' into the
> > search window.  it will probably return a bunch of programs, including
> > some which are java based.
> Thanks. I'll try that out.
> > fwiw, i thought that gnuchess had level settings.  are you certain that
> > even level 1 is too difficult for your needs?
> That could be part of the problem. There are no generalized level 
> settings for the chess engines I've found. Apparently, computer chess is 
> quite the discipline, involving plies and nodes and hash tables and who 
> knows what else. As best I can understand, the most I can do to weaken 
> the engine is to restrict the amount of time it has to think over moves 
> and the search depth it is allowed to consider. In xboard, I've set 
> pondering off (so the engine doesn't think when it's not its turn), 
> forced the engine to move after only 1 second of consideration (the 
> minimum time), and restricted the depth to 1 ply or node or whatever. 
> Even doing all that, gnuchess and crafty are much stronger than that old 
> MacChess program I talked about. If there's more I can do to make them 
> more kid-friendly, I'm all ears.

well damon,

i haven't at all tinkered with gnuchess, so i'm sorry that i cannot help
you.  i can, however, suggest one alternative, which may or may not be
to your liking...

since trying the 'game of go' (aka [p,b]aduk, wei-chi), i've entirely lost
all interest in the game of chess.  there is a similar program for playing
(gnugo) which allows you to set levels rather easily.  there are also nice
graphic clients out there (cgoban2 and ggo, among others).  you can play
with people on the net, live, 24 hours per day, and at all levels of

though the rules of chess really aren't all that complicated, the rules of
go are even more simple.  despite the reduced rule set, the strategies can
be so complex and nuanced that even the best designed programs can only
beat the most novice of players.  not true for chess.  (i give it a 3 stone
handicap at it's maximum level and still thrash it.  =)

the game is _thousands of years old_ and hugely popular in asian countries,
where professionals make millions of dollars and matches are regularly

if you're at all curious, here is a great link to get you started on the
rules (java enabled browser required) :


as far as online servers, there are many.  i have used several but most
recommend 'kgs' - for it's warm and highly supportive community, and wicked
go client.


hope that, in a roundabout way, this helps.  i also hope to see you and
your son online (just look for my nick ;)


p.s.  chess is for IBM.   (naively hoping not to cause a flame war)

> --Damon
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