This is one of those "Stop me before I waste my time." questions....

I have a box w/ a dpt raid controller (DPT PM3755U2B) that I set up
with raidutils from the asr-utils port back when the machine was
running -STABLE.

I've since migrated the machine to -CURRENT, and followed the various
threads about the asr-utils not working with sadness but

I'd like to be able to use occasionally the raidutils tool, and am
considering buidling some sort of bootable -STABLE system.  One
thought would be to just use an IDE disk, but even better would be to
build a bootable cd that includes the asr-utils port.

Does the thought of building a bootable -STABLE cd that includes the
asr-tools raise a red flag for anyone?

What's the state of the art for making bootable cd's.  Google shows a
bunch of pages for older 4-series releases, e.g.:


and I've found cdroot in the ports tree.

Is one of these worth diving into?


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