Hello how are you doing I have been thinking about buying a copy of FreeBSD PowerPak and I would like to know what kind of Modem, Sound Card, Display Card I would have to have for my computer the type of computer that I have is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 4453. and could you please tell me a couple of brands of Modems Sound Cards and Display Card that I would need to go and by and also could you please tell me the brand name and the model of the hardware that I need to buy to be able to run the FreeBSD Powerpack thank you for you time and have a nice day.

A list of supported hardware exists at www.freebsd.org.  A link should
appear on the "home" page to get you to this resource.  While there, you
should grab a copy of the FreeBSD "Handbook" in order to learn what
to do when something does something unexpected --- not that the OS
will necessarily do anything unusual, but many people don't think
"FreeBSD"-ishLY <?>, and will inevitably have questions during or after
installation.  (Good news, you have contacted the right place to ask

Almost any display cards will work in textmode; to see a list of supported
cards for graphics mode, visit www.xfree86.org. Personally, I have used
Nvidia "GE Force" cards, SiS cards, and Trident cards. It occasionally takes
a little time to develop new drivers, so the "latest & greatest" cards may
not yet be supported; or, they may work but need "tweaking" or use a Linux
compatible driver instead of native support, etc.

Most sound cards, including on-chip (built in) sound, will work.

For modems, the rule used to be "no winmodems". This basically meant
"buy an external modem". I have a USR v.92 external (serial) modem on one
machine; this was about $70.00 last year. There is 3rd party software support
for "winmodems" that use a Lucent chipset, I think. I may be wrong, but that's
about it for modems.

Kevin Kinsey
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