Dear Chuck

I tried mrtg in net-mgmt before. but the graphic only
supports max 10M. I read newsgroup and don't know how
to make it in 1000M

I am just upgrading the lease line from 100M to 1000M
and know where to get software to monitor on it

Thank you very much

 --- Chuck Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> adrian kok wrote:
> > Can you tell me in details?
> Sure-- if you ask a specific question, you will get
> a detailed answer.
> > I need the bandwidth software to create graph in
> 1G
> Your question is unclear.  You may be asking about
> drivers for gigabit 
> ethernet NICs (see "man gx", "man bge", "man sk"). 
> Or maybe bandwidth 
> management and traffic shaping (see "man dummynet"),
> or maybe you're talking 
> about something else like network management tools
> which produce pretty charts 
> and graphs (see "ls /usr/ports/net-mgmt").
> -- 
> -Chuck

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