Mark wrote:

> Bill Moran wrote:
>> How about using skipto instead of allow?  Thus, if it passes the
>> first one, it can just skipto the next rule to be checked.  i.e.:
>> ipfw add 11 skipto 12 tcp from any to me 25 setup limit dst-addr 32
>> ipfw add 12 allow tcp from any to me 25 setup limit src-addr 4
>> Thus, if rule 11 pases, it skips to rule 12.  If it fails, it should
>> reject as always.  The end result is that a packet _must_ pass both
>> rules to be allowed.
> I spoke too soon. :( It seems this sort of rules evokes a bug:
> My whole console is flooded with messages like these:
>     "ipfw: install_state: entry already present, done"
> Is there a known patch?

I just took a look at the code:

 if (q != NULL) { /* should never occur */
  if (last_log != time_second) {
   last_log = time_second;
   printf("ipfw: install_state: entry already present, done\n");
  return 0;

What if I just hack the "printf ..." line out of there? Would that 'solve'
it? I know it's dirty; but would things still work?


- Mark

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