Thanks for the feedback. I've been programming embedded systems
for almost 20 years, so I have a natural aversion to apparently
simple changes that "make things work" :-)

The nicest high-level code I've ever seen in the source to Tcl - if
only all code looked like that.

I've been playing with FreeBSD over the last two or three months
trying to implement a headless server that will help dysfunctional
development teams control their bugs and source code. 

I chose FreeBSD because Linux seems so frigging bloated, and the
distros are too varied. You never know if the distro you pick will
be around next year. FreeBSD gives me a much warmer and fuzzier feeling
about the commitment to release quality code and making it very
clear which releases are for production, and which are for testing.

My work so far is documanted in these articles:


I hope to write more, including articles on customizing Gnats, using
Subversion, splint, backups, and security.

This developer community seems pretty friendly and knowledgable. I think 
I'll stick around :-)

Cheers, Ralph

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