In the last episode (Aug 03), Jonathan said:
> Hello, I run FreeBSD 5-2.1 on a serv4er box used for my company 
> (StreamForce Hosting Solutions). I was wondering if there is an 
> application i can install or method of limiting per user bandwidth by 
> like a certain group or class. If not is there a way to limit bandwidth 
> for all non super user accounts.

ipfw rules plus dummynet should be able to do what you want.  ipfw can
filter on the uid or gid of the process sending/receiving the packet, so
this should cause all non-root packets to get filtered through dummynet 
pipe 1 (which you could configure to run at 90% of your true capacity):

ipfw add 400 skipto 402 ip from any to any uid root
ipfw add 401 pipe 1 ip from any to any
Hopefully ipfw will soon get the ability to use ALTQ which was recently
merged into -current, so you can do some more advanced limiting.

        Dan Nelson
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