I lost my way...

FreeBSD 4.9 updated via cvs/makeworld/etc to latest

Installed CUPS+GHOSTSCRIPT+etc via ports.
All seems okay.
Modified /usr/local/etc/cups/cups.conf to accept my
calling via web interfance
All it's okay...
Yes there is a 'but'!

Where is my Parallel Port ?

I mean, I'm inside of CUPS admin web page.
It's time to setup a printer.
I choice name, etc...
But when CUPS give me choice of the ports... there are
everyone but the printer port!

Maybe the kernel did not loaded !
I do a :
'dmesg | grep lpt0'
and it return :
lpt0: <Printer> on ppbus0
lpt0: Interrupt-driver port

Then I do :
lptcontrol -e -d /dev/lpt0

but it return me :
lptcontrol: open: device busy

Am I mistaking something ? 


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