Marc UBM Bocklet wrote: (a long time ago!)
Can anybody enlighten me on how to access / browse the p4 repository? On
google I found two messages claiming that I could access / browse it via, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

I installed p4(1) from ports, studied the man page and tried
"p4" and "p4 -H", but that did
not work either, it fails with:

Perforce is a tricky beast, and you need to set up P4PORT. You can also just browse it via the web:

That worked for me this morning.

P4PORT needs to be set to ''. And then you need to
set up a client view for the project you are interested, which would look
something like:

//depot/projects/kgi4bsd/... //clientdir/...

See the quick start doc on for more info. And I don't see the
kgi4bsd project on the FreeBSD depot either.

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