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Try one of the multitude of rsync based scripts, you can even get some
very good incremental backups happening,

I have been thinking about this for my own use. One problem with basic rsync is that if (say) I trash a critical file and don't notice it for a couple days, the (nightly) rsync will have overwritten the good version with the trashed version.


So I've been thinking of having maybe 5 different copies at the
destination and rsyncing to a different one each night so I have 5
different "backups" to go to -- just like in the days of
tape. Something conceptually like:


I use a similar setup.

Actually what I have for two servers is a scheme where you have system A and system B. System A has a directory tree to back up.

System B pulls that directory daily from A using rsync over SSH. It will create a "synced image" of the tree to a local directory.

Next system B decides if it is a regular workday or a friday, then if it's a workday it saves a gzip'ed tarball of the snapshot to a "daily" archive directory. If it is a friday, it saves the snapshot to a "long term" archive directory. It then runs a check for files that are greater than 7 or 8 days old in their creation time in the daily archive and deletes them, or if it's the long term archive run it'll check for files older than about three months and delete them. The filenames are composed of the dates embedded in the filenames.

That way you have a week-long backup as well as a weekly backup going back several months.

Also, the original poster mentioned the source was windoze.  If you
google "rsync windows" you'll find help on installing ssh and rsync on
a Windoze box so maybe you don't need UNIX at your client's firm.

Try cygwin, running a ssh server as a service on 2000/xp. That should be all you'd need on the windows side listening as the server process.

Or a batch file could kick it off I supposed, or at job...

Depends really on how the OP wants to set it up...if they map network drives already, it would just be a case of copying J:\etc......otherwise fun scripts to mount shares on remote servers. Or run the backups from a central server. And they'd also have to decide if they're going to push or pull the backup...

Have fun!

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