I have managed to solve my problem.
My PC is working now.
Many thanks to:
Bill Moran
Jerry McAllister
Giorgos Keramidas

Tuck Wai

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"Lam Tuck Wai" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am currently having a huge problem. My KDM refuse to start, so now I
> cannot get into my machine.
> Every time it reboots it will goes in a cycle of spewing errors. It was
> a few hours ago until I change the monitor config.
> My question is how do I stop the KDM from loading during boot up? So at
> least I can login as root and replace the new XF86config file.
> I tried booting to single user but I cannot "su". So without root access I
> cannot change anything.

You do not need to su.  In single-user mode, you are root.

Once you get a shell prompt in single-user mode, do:
mount -a

You should then be able to edit your config file, or change /etc/ttys
to stop xdm from starting.


Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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