Hello, I am sort of a newbie to IPFW for FreeBSD-5.2.1. I have never used it and need some help with the configuration. Ok here goes if anyone can help.

I compiled IPFIREWALL into the kernel with the options to DEFAULT TO ACCEPT ALL and the VERBOSE=50 option. With the support for IPFW in the kernel I then added firewall_enable=off to the rc.conf (with some other options that are commented out at the moment). The reason for having the firewall off right now is because i was told that rc.firewall in /etc needed to be configured for my network card (or IP addresses) before it will be able to work. My box is located at a datacebter and my box is allocated with about 90 IP addresses (and also the main server IP which was given to me when i first purchased the line). I would like to know how to configure /etc/rc.firewall to support my MAIN ip and also how to make sure the other IPS added to my box are recognized and protected by the firewall.
Also I noticed in rc.firewall there are different modes to put the firewall in like simple mode, client mode, etc. (different firewall powers i guess). It would be greatly appreciated if someone can show me how to configure ipfw. I could not thank anyone more for the future help i might recieve on this issue.

If you guys need a copy of rc.conf or rc.firewall in order to help just email me and i will provide an attachment.

Thamks in advance

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