Am not so much as moving the vinum drives so much as replacing the system drive FreeBSD 5.2.1 was installed upon. The same system which created my striped vinum volume.

System drive was a parallel ATA 40G. Two SATA 160G drives were used to create a striped vinum volume with the simple vinum command "stripe -v /dev/ad4s1d /dev/ad6s1d". This worked great for a week before I started moving HD's.

Now for fun I have removed the 40G drive and replaced it with a 120G and reinstalled FreeBSD 5.2.1 scratch from CD without touching the 160G drives. Would like to get my vinum'ed filesystem back online. Was at least half under the impression vinum stored everything important in the drive labels and once vinum started all would magically be working again. Vinum is not creating the device to mount my fs with.

I'm lost in the documentation and archives as to how to get them back together as a volume without losing data. Part of the idea here it to learn when I'm not under the gun. I still have the original 40G drive untouched.

# vinum list
2 drives:
D vinumdrive1  State: up  /dev/ad6s1d     A: 156041/156041 MB (100%)
D vinumdrive0  State: up  /dev/ad4s1d     A: 156041/156041 MB (100%)

0 volumes:
0 plexes:
0 subdisks:

So what next?

Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.

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