On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 10:40:10PM -0500, David Kelly wrote:
> Am not so much as moving the vinum drives so much as replacing the 
> system drive FreeBSD 5.2.1 was installed upon. The same system which 
> created my striped vinum volume.
> System drive was a parallel ATA 40G. Two SATA 160G drives were used to 
> create a striped vinum volume with the simple vinum command "stripe -v 
> /dev/ad4s1d /dev/ad6s1d". This worked great for a week before I started 
> moving HD's.
> Now for fun I have removed the 40G drive and replaced it with a 120G 
> and reinstalled FreeBSD 5.2.1 scratch from CD without touching the 160G 
> drives. Would like to get my vinum'ed filesystem back online. Was at 
> least half under the impression vinum stored everything important in 
> the drive labels and once vinum started all would magically be working 
> again. Vinum is not creating the device to mount my fs with.
> I'm lost in the documentation and archives as to how to get them back 
> together as a volume without losing data. Part of the idea here it to 
> learn when I'm not under the gun. I still have the original 40G drive 
> untouched.
> # vinum list
> 2 drives:
> D vinumdrive1  State: up  /dev/ad6s1d     A: 156041/156041 MB (100%)
> D vinumdrive0  State: up  /dev/ad4s1d     A: 156041/156041 MB (100%)
> 0 volumes:
> 0 plexes:
> 0 subdisks:
> #

How early in the boot is this? Have you done 'vinum start' yet?
If that doesn't work, does 'vinum read vinumdrive0 vinumdrive1' work?

Other simple things to check: if you've booted single-user, be sure to remount
the root filesystem read-write by doing

mount -o rw /

before vinum can create devices.  You can force vinum to recreate the device
nodes by doing

vinum makedev

If all that doesn't work I'm also at a loss as to what it can be.



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