I've been playing with this for a while. I need to add a small (4 GB) hard drive to one of my servers. Partly because I need more storage space, partly because I think there's something wrong with the present hard drive -- I get page faults while in kernel mode (fatal signal 12, I think it is) and spontaneous reboots when I try to build world on this drive (or make index, or upgrade some ports, etc.).

What I want to do is copy my whole /usr/home directory tree to another Free BSD machine down the hall, pull the current hard drive (4 GB) out, put the new hard drive with a fresh build of Free BSD in the box as the master drive, reformat the old drive, and finally, copy the /usr/home directory tree back to the old hard drive and mount it separately as /usr/home.

I've found directions that almost fit my needs, but not quite. What I would like to do is tar the directory tree and pipe it to either scp or ssh. What I don't want to do, because I don't think I have enough room, is make a tar file on the old machine. One example I found on the WWW is: tar -czf - /some/file | ssh host.name tar -xzf - -C /destination.

That's not quite what I want, because I don't see any need to untar everything at the far end, but I can't send a file without using some command to ssh. I thought tar -czf - /some/file | scp - [EMAIL PROTECTED]:somefile.tar.gz, but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone point out where I'm going wrong? I guess if I have to I can untar the directory tree to some temporary place on the remote host -- that one has plenty of room on it, but it seems like an inelegant solution. That's really my only objection to it.


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