On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 09:56:50AM -0400, Mike Hauber wrote:
> Obviously, because I like to upgrade my systems every week, 
> this gets old.  Is there any way I can tell portupgrade to 
> simply portupgrade -aR (except for a specific list of 
> packages)?

>From man portupgrade:

     -x GLOB
     --exclude GLOB         Exclude packages matching the specified glob pat-
                            tern.  Exclusion is performed after recursing
                            dependency in response to -r and/or -R, which
                            means, for example, the following command will
                            upgrade all the packages depending on XFree86 but
                            leave XFree86 as it is:

                                  portupgrade -rx XFree86 XFree86

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