Background -  All was well until the boss upgraded the glibc on the
RedHat server which made all kinds of things unhappy.  Taking the
opportunity to convert yet another server here to FreeBSD, I built a new
DNS on FreeBSD 4.9.

I have noticed a couple of odd things.

Typing in /usr/sbin/named -v, gets me this:

named 8.3.6-REL Mon Oct 27 14:55:35 GMT 2003

       [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/usr.sbin/named

which totally doesn't look right since it should be bind 9 something or
other.  The package was /usr/ports/dns/bind9

which stated in the package description that it would install BIND
version 9.  Either the binary doesn't know what version it is or the
package has something funky in it that's yielding the wrong version
number after compilation.

BIND 9 doesn't install to the same location as BIND 8.
BIND8 usually goes to /usr/sbin/named
BIND9 usually goes to /usr/local/sbin/named

You might want to doublecheck the "named_program" setting in your rc.conf to make sure it's pointing at the new location too.
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