I'm seeing some weird output from the daily periodic cron jobs that run at 
night.  It's related to procmail but I can't figure out where in the 
scripts that it's causing it. Anyone seen this before?  running on 5.2.1 
p-9.  Ports and source update code nightly using cvsup.


Security check:
    (output mailed separately)
procmail: Unrecognised options: "s"
Usage: procmail [-vptoY] [-f fromwhom] [parameter=value | rcfile] ...
   Or: procmail [-toY] [-f fromwhom] [-a argument] ... -d recipient ...
   Or: procmail [-ptY] [-f fromwhom] -m [parameter=value] ... rcfile [arg] 
   Or: procmail [-toY] [-a argument] ... -z
Processing continued
procmail: Unknown user " security run output"

End Snip.

The name "" is the actual hostname the box I'm running on.  

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