> I'm reposting this because I've not rec'd a response from the freebsd-fs mailing 
> list yet and I need an answer fairly quickly.  Thanks be any who can help out!

The correct place to send this is freebsd-questions. I've added that
to the list, and pointed replies there as well.

> I've begun rec'ing these error messages:
> ad0s1a: hard error reading fsbn 141935 of 70848 - 71103 (ad0s1 bn 141935; cn 8  tn 
> 212  sn 59 ) status=59 error=40
> Got about 7 of these with varying values.
> I ran Seagate's diag utility and it reported only 1 bad sector (# 71099 ).  
> Unfortunately ad0s1a happens to my / dir so allowing the utility to write zeros to 
> that block hasn't sat well with me.
> Sooo - if some one could explain the exact meaning of my error message & point me in 
> the right direction to use these values to fix my disk problem I'd greatly 
> appreciate it
> (with many many many thanks in advance :) )

Modern drives deal with bad block substitution all by themselves. By
the time you've got blocks going bad that the OS sees, the drive is in
really sad shape. You should replace it with a new drive ASAP.

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