Hi everybody,
I've a 5.2.1 FreeBSD system running on a windows network, with Kde 3.1.4.
Recently, i noticed that, the default samba that cames with the installation 
is 2.2.8, which has some compatibility problems with windows XP (but works 
fine with win95, 98 and 2000), at least in my case. So, I upgraded to Samba 
3.0.1 from the ports, and everything was ok, except that a component of 
konqueror seems to be broken now, and I cannot browse my smb network within 
it, when  i try to do, ie: smb://somemachine, it displays a "KIO_smb error".
Apparently, some konqueror components resulted damaged after the upgrade, but 
I wonder if there is any way to fix it without reinstalling kdebase again.
If someone has any idea???

Many thanks,

Mariano Guadagnini.

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