Andrew wrote:

I've been using Wingate for months now to distribute an internet
connection among 10 users (NAT). Stunned by regular failures of Windows
2000, Wingate and other evil software, I decided to switch to FreeBSD. I
read the handbook and about 3000 more pages of manuals / how-to's /
guides. I set up FreeBSD with all applications I currently need for
server tasks.

I now need to test some applications, while keeping a part of the load
on the Wingate machine. What I want to do is connect to internet via
ADSL, using the bsd box, and let Wingate use the connection through the

What is the best way to retain most of the NAT functionality?
If you are happy to not know what Wingate is, try to assume that it is
just another nat-box. Can bsd somehow "forward" connection, so that the
nat-box almost feels like it has a real IP?

There's no need to complicate this. The FreeBSD box will provide NAT for anything behind it, and if that includes the Wingate machine, fine, no problem. If the Wingate machine is in turn providing NAT for other machines, fine, no problem.

If Wingate is using, say 192.168. addresses for it's Natted network, use, say 172.16. for the FreeBSD internal addresses.

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