Hello Joshua,

Try http://forums.bsdnexus.org/. It's a forum for all BSD flavours.

- Russell

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 10:39:33PM -0700, Joshua Banks wrote:
>Has anyone tried to join/register at:
>I've joined and registered and I'm able to login, but after 24hrs I'm
>still unable to create new threads or reply to existing ones. I've
>emailed   [EMAIL PROTECTED] without any response. I thought
>maybe I was over looking something but I don't think that I am. 
>When I try and click on the Registration link in my email I get:
>"Your account has been activated but you are currently in the
>moderation queue to be added to the forum."
>Is there a more preferable FreeBSD forum other than the one above?
>Joshua Banks
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