That might work, but with the use of floppies going rapidly obsolete I would prefer not to buy an extra floppy drive.

I could use a 128MB SD card in a USB drive. However I am not sure it would be possible to format it as a bootable device and boot from it. I am not sure either that just copying the content of the kernel, root and driver floppy onto it would do the job.


arden wrote:

how about getting a usb floppy drive ?


On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 20:07, Gilbert Laprise wrote:

I have Windows/XP install on my Dell 600 Notebook. Since with that Notebook I have the option of booting from a removable Ultrabay disk drive, I would like to install FreeBSD on the second drive.

The problem is that in order to initiate the installation whether I do it using FTP, HTTP or NFS, I have to remove the 2nd drive to replace it with a CD/DVD or Floppy drive to boot and start the install process. It is during this initial phase that my notebook hardware is detected. Naturally at that time the 2nd drive is not in the ultrabay, so it is not detected, but either the floppy or CD/DVD drive is. Once the sysinstall program is running when I replace my boot device by the 2nd disk, I don't see the second drive when I try to define the partition.

I have a local net with a desktop already running FreeBSD and a FreeBSG 5.1 bootable install CD. Any suggestion how to proceed to install FreeBSD on the 2nd UltraBay drive of my Dell 600 Notebook.

Gilbert Laprise

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