I CVSup's my system (FreeBSD 4.9-p2 #0) early this morning and found
the following in /usr/ports/CHANGES:

 As part of the ongoing autotools cleanup, devel/autoconf has been
 replaced with devel/autoconf253, and devel/automake with devel/automake15.
 Consumers of the various autotools knobs from bsd.autotools.mk should not
 notice any differences.  This update completes the transition of autotools
 to true versioned packages (cf: tcl/tk)

I just updated my watchlist in FreshPorts and it indicates that autoconf253 is
deprecated and should be replaced with /devel/autoconf259. Similarly,
automake15 should be replaced with devel/automake18. Is FreshPorts more
current? If so, will the following correctly upgrade my system:

portupgrade -rfo /devel/automake automake
portupgrade -rfo /devel/autoconf autoconf

Thanks for your assistance.
Bob Perry

-- I've learned that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed.

FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p2 #0

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