I have succesfully update my freebsd 5.2.1 using cvssup supfile-standard.
A month after that I decied to update again and put "tag=RELENG_5_2"
whc is osme sort of downgrade I think ..
I made build world succesfully, but when I tried to make build kernel I got
config: Error: device "ixgb" is unknown and more erro I do not remeber.
It was strane since I have not edited the kernel config file ?!
However I commeted the both trouble device I though useles: RAID controller and some intel 100/10Gb card.
Which turns to be a misatke since I could not connect to that server any more. I sent request to the host to boot it with GENERIC kernel.
Aany advice is welcome :-)

Thannk in a advance.

Best regards,

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