Unfortunately, I think the script you attached has been mangled in some way or other; it appears to be missing the end of the 'paging_mon' function, as well as whatever code invokes that function (and the swap_mon function as well). If I try to run it, I get:

dcf>$ ./swap_mon.ksh
\nSwap Space Report for grond.sourballs.org\n
Sun Aug  8 07:31:26 CDT 2004
./swap_mon.ksh: line 85: funtion: command not found
./swap_mon.ksh: line 135: syntax error: unexpected end of file

if I fix the typo (funtion -> function) I just get the 'unexpected EOF' error.

Both my 4.9 and 5.2.1 systems have /usr/bin/bc, so I assume it is part of the base install. However, neither system has 'lsps', which appears to be an AIX command.

-- David Fleck [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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