has anyone here successfully installed piespy (link further down) in a
4.10(-release) enviroment? it needs java, and a paragraph on the piespy page

"If you run PieSpy in a non-graphical environment (e.g. a Unix console that
does not have access to an X server) you will need to pass the following
command line parameter to java: -Djava.awt.headless=true. Note that PieSpy
may not function properly on FreeBSD. This is because Java on FreeBSD
handles floating point calculations incorrectly."

i indeed plan to use it from the console on my server. neither piespy og
java has been installed at this point, because i'd like some feedback on it

so, what do you guys and girls think? is this "floating point calculations"
thing still a problem?

link til piespy: http://www.jibble.org/piespy/

thanks in advance for any input.

with regards,
christian astrup bakke // chasm.
http://chasm.nu/ - chasm at chasm dot nu

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