Anyone up for a challenge?

I've come to the conclusion that IPFW/NATD cannot support transparent
proxying with ONLY stateful rules.  I'd like to hear from anyone who has
been successful doing so in case I'm missing something.

Configuration is:
        FreeBSD 5.2.1
        3 - NICS (de0, de1, de2)
        de1 = Public IP =
        de2 = LAN1 =
        de3 = LAN2 =

The challenge:
        1) TCP request from to
        2) Redirect to
        3) Use stateful rules

On another note, I read somewhere on the Internet that IPFILTER has a 
limitation in that it cannot redirect a public destination to a private 
destination if the source machine is on the same subnet as the redirected 
destination.  In other words, the following supposedly will not work:
        1) A tcp request from to
        2) Redirect to

Is this an accurate limitation of IPFILTER?


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