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This is the Minimalist Mailing List Manager.

Commands may be either in subject of message (one command per message)
or in body (one or more commands, one per line). Batched processing starts
when subject either empty or contains command 'body' (without quotes) and
stops when either arrives command 'stop' or 'exit' (without quotes) or
gets 10 incorrect commands.

Supported commands are:

subscribe <list> [<email>] :
    Subscribe user to <list>. If <list> contains suffix '-writers', user
    will be able to write to this <list>, but will not receive messages
    from it.

unsubscribe <list> [<email>] :
    Unsubscribe user from <list>. Can be used with suffix '-writers' (see
    above description for subscribe)

auth <code> :
    Confirm command, used in response to subscription requests in some cases.
    This command isn't standalone, it must be used only in response to a
    request by Minimalist.

mode <list> <email> <mode> :
    Set mode for specified user on specified list. Allowed only for
    administrator. Mode can be (without quotes):
      * 'reader' - read-only access to the list for the user;
      * 'writer' - user can post messages to the list regardless of list's
      * 'usual' -  clear any two above mentioned modes
      * 'suspend' - suspend user subscription
      * 'resume' - resume previously suspended permission
      * 'maxsize <size>' - set maximum size (in bytes) of messages, which
                           user wants to receive
      * 'reset' - clear all modes for specified user

suspend <list> :
    Stop receiving of messages from specified mailing list

resume <list> :
    Restore receiving of messages from specified mailing list

maxsize <list> <size> :
    Set maximum size (in bytes) of messages, which user wants to receive

which [<email>] :
    Return list of lists to which user is subscribed

info [<list>] :
    Request information about all existing lists or about <list>

who <list> :
    Return the list of users subscribed to <list>

help :
    This message

Note, that commands with <email>, 'who' and 'mode' can only be used by
administrators (users identified in the 'mailfrom' authentication scheme or
who used a correct password - either global or local). Otherwise command will
be ignored. Password must be supplied in the first line of the message body
in the following format:

*password: list_password

followed by any number of empty rows. This line, of course, will be removed
from the message before sending message to subscribers.

Sincerely, the Minimalist

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