On Aug 8, 2004, at 9:04 PM, Darren Crotchett wrote:

The other directory that tends to grow is /usr. This is where all of
your /home, /www and /ports directories are. In other words, you put alot of
stuff in /usr. I never put anything in /root. So, once the system is built
it is nearly 100% static.

What I have suggested is that one move /home to its own filesystem out of /usr so that user data is not intermingled with OS and utilities.

Uh, you know /root/ is the superuser's home directory and not the same thing as "the root directory '/'", right? :-)

/root/ is not a bad place to put a few little things such as a list of critical files to feed to "tar -cI" to backup one's specific configuration. /root/ *is* on the / partition so you don't want to put much there.

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