On Aug 8, 2004, at 10:12 PM, ashadul hoque wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have installed FreeBSD5.2.1-RELEASE on Vmware.

When booting I am seeing the message "Wait 15 seconds for SCSI to settle".

The problem is I am not using any SCSI device on my virtual machine. I
tried "sysctl kern.cam.scsi_delay=100" but no improvement.

Can anyone give me pointer on how to reduce boot time by reducing the

*Something* looks to the kernel like a SCSI interface else this wouldn't happen.

"sysctl kern.cam.scsi_delay=100" isn't going to do any good because its applied after the kernel has loaded and the SCSI delay is long past. Maybe it would work (without the "sysctl" prefix) if placed in /boot/loader.conf but the foolproof brute force fix is to create a new kernel configuration and change this line, then build/install a new kernel. (example out of GENERIC):

options    SCSI_DELAY=15000    #Delay (in ms) before probing SCSI

If one is really sweating for "maximum performance" then one would already be building custom kernels stripped of the devices one does not have.

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