Darren Crotchett wrote:

> On Sunday 08 August 2004 10:36 pm, David Kelly wrote:
>>Uh, you know /root/ is the superuser's home directory and not the same
>>thing as "the root directory '/'", right?  :-)
> Yeah.  When I got to the end of my email and had to type "/" again, I thought 
> I had accidentally written /root when I meant "/" earlier.  I looked for the 
> mistake and didn't see it.  So, yeah.  I know the difference.  My bad.
> My apologies if I confused Jay.

I wasn't confused, because I didn't know about /root/ until David called 
my attention to it. So.... not confused, and now better educated.

And Darren, thanks for your take on how to allocate my storage. I haven't 
put the final figures on it yet, I'm waiting for my backup HD.


>>/root/ is not a bad place to put a few little things such as a list of
>>critical files to feed to "tar -cI" to backup one's specific
>>configuration. /root/ *is* on the / partition so you don't want to put
>>much there.

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