Peter Ryan wrote:

I am treading more unknown ground trying
to get NetBeans to run on 4.10.

I installed jdk 1.4.2 (thanks to help from here), and have installed this Netbeans via the ports collection.

Now when i try to run it, it wants an
environmental variable called JDK_HOME to
be set.

Using tips from searching the net, I am
under the impression I have to change a a file called csh.cshrc or maybe .cshrc
Then I did a find files on .cshrc, and found 2 copies - one under
root/ and the other under usr/home/peter.

I am logged in under root, so I am not sure
which file I should change, or even if this
is the correct file.

Could someone point me in the right
direction before I fiddle enough to have
to resinstall again :)


Reinstall? I don't think it'll get that severe just from this. BSD and XP rhyme ... that's about it.

Very simply, the file ".cshrc" is the C-shell's
"resource" file.  It is read after login by the
shell as the shell is starting up.  So, if you
are logging in as "peter", it will read
/usr/home/peter/.cshrc and set up things like
your shell prompt, some aliases, and environment

The same is true for a root login; root's shell
reads "/root/.cshrc" (assuming, of course, that
root's shell is csh or tcsh ...)

The line could appear anywhere in .cshrc, and the
syntax for the var would be:

setenv JDK_HOME /somedir/here

That's assuming, of course, that Netbeans
is looking for a path, and not a boolean or
other data type.

While I'm mentioning stuff, it might be a
Good Thing(tm) to mention that root logins
are *not* considered a Good Thing(tm) [1]....


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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