Skylar Thompson wrote:

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 11:37:50PM +0300, Vlad Tudorache wrote:

I've been using Linux for 2 years and I know how to configure this system (not using GUI tools!). I'm now trying FreeBSD. My problems are:
1) If I enable ACPI, my floppy disk controller is not seen by the kernel!

What kind of floppy controller is it? Is it an NEC, or something else?

2) My USB controller tells me that "Error: Restarting port 1/2".

What kind of USB controller is it? UHCI? OHCI? EHCI?

3) If I'm using kdm, log into GNOME as root and select "Shut Down" when exiting directly from the GNOME session's logout menu, my system hangs untill I press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Alt-Del. This was not happenning on Linux.

What version of GNOME are you using? 2.2? 2.4? 2.6?

And, perhaps even more importantly, what version of FreeBSD? [ in other words ... what does 'uname -a' say ... as in the statement

       "If you still have a question or problem, please take
       the output of `uname -a', along with any relevant
       error messages, and email it as a question to the
       [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list. "

?? ]

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