Chris Boyd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> So what's going on with the php4 port?
> It used to present a menu of choices for the compilation options, but
> does not anymore on the 4.3.8_2 version I have now.  I'm trying to get
> curl and gettext support compiled in, but having no luck, even if I try
> hacking the makefile CONFIGURE_ARGS= section to include --with-gettexti
> and --with-curl and removing the --disable-all.  I'm still not getting
> the that I used to have.
> FreeBSD 4.10, Apache2.
> LARTs appreciated and gratefully received with thanks,

The PHP port has been divvied up into a number of ports, so other ports
can specify only what parts of PHP they need.  For example, after you
install php4, you can then install lang/php4-gettext to add gettext
support to it.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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