On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 03:00:59PM -0400, Gary Mulder wrote:
> Of course having /tmp -> /var/tmp means that you have no valid /tmp in 
> single user mode where /var is not mounted. That is unless you created 
> /var/tmp in single user mode, but that would mean /var would be mounted 
> over the root partition's /var/tmp dir in multi-user mode, which can be 
> non-intuitive to say the least.
> The net result of not having a valid /tmp is that some commands issued in 
> single-user mode may fail non-obviously as they might (reasonably?) assume 
> /tmp is available.

YES! Thanks for pointing this out! I've forgot to say that my /var
mount point on the root partition instead of being empty, contains
a tmp subdir /var/tmp (just as you've said). That's the reason why
the symlink works even in single-user mode. After going multi-user,
the real /var masks all single-user tempfiles, but THAT was never
a problem, at least not for me. 

I admit that this setup is quite fragile.


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